Controlling model states

This library enables you to control models by setting their state. For example, you may want to set a model to have state “production.” You can then query the model store for models by state, and change model states.

The examples below assume you have created a model store instance already:

from modelstore.model_store import ModelStore

model_store = ModelStore.from_aws_s3(bucket_name)

Create a state

Before doing anything with a model state, you need to create it. This is a one-time operation.

production_state = "production"


Set and unset a model’s state

Once a state has been created, you can add a model to a state. You can add a model to more than one state, and you can add more than one model to a state.

model_domain = "my-domain"
model_id = "my-model-id"
production_state = "production"

model_store.set_model_state(model_domain, model_id, state_name)

To unset a model’s state, you can use:

model_store.remove_model_state(model_domain, model_id, state_name)

Find models by state

After setting the state of one or more models, you can find them by adding the state name to the list versions function:

model_ids = modelstore.list_versions(